Your Guide to Email Etiquette

linkedin etiquette
LinkedIn Etiquette
May 15, 2015
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August 3, 2017

Your Guide to Email Etiquette


We send 207 billion emails every day. It’s become such a habit that we hardly consider what we’re doing. But how can you ensure that every message you send is both courteous and professional?

Fortunately, the rules are straightforward. Structuring your email means stating your point clearly in your subject line and opening paragraph. People are in a hurry these days and don’t want to read thick paragraphs of text.

The way you address your messages is also important if you wish to make a good impression and avoid giving offense. It is a mistake to assume that all emails should have an informal tone. Always begin with a “Hello…” or “Dear…” and use the recipient’s full name until you get to know them better. Don’t “Reply All” unless strictly necessary. At best you might waste the recipients’ time. At worst, your indiscretion could cause any number of embarrassing scenarios.

We’ve created a handy new infographic which covers all of the major email rules. From crafting subject lines to creating your signature, you can stay on track by referring to these important points the next time you have an important email to write.

Email etiquette helps us to understand each other in a noisy modern world. Practice using these simple rules and writing emails will soon become second nature!


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