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<b>Essential Etiquette 4 Teens (ages 12- 17)</b>

Essential Etiquette 4 Teens (ages 12- 17)

This exclusive program prepares your teenager for adulthood while learning proper manners, social skills, and interview techniques. This quick pace class keeps teens engaged in discussions, role playing, and fun activities. Emphasis is placed on respect, value for others and integrity.
<b>Our Fair Ladies Charm and Etiquette (Girls Only)</b>

Our Fair Ladies Charm and Etiquette (Girls Only)

The Our Fair Ladies Charm and Etiquette classes are specifically designed to teach young ladies the traditional rules of etiquette in an interactive, fun, and memorable atmosphere while equipping them with the essentials tools to develop successful social habits and confidence building life skills.
<b>Essential Etiquette 4 Young Men Dining Etiquette</b>

Essential Etiquette 4 Young Men Dining Etiquette

The Essential Etiquette 4 Men Dining Etiquette workshop presents the basic rules of formal dining and table manners and addresses the general rules of etiquette and common courtesies for personal and professional success. The format is fun, engaging, and practical.
<b>Essentials 101:  Etiquette 4 Young Adults And Beyond (How to make a great first impression)</b>

Essentials 101: Etiquette 4 Young Adults And Beyond (How to make a great first impression)

In any social or business situation, you have 7 seconds to make a first impression with anyone you meet. In today’s fast-paced, 4G world, where distraction and lack of social graces seem to be the new normal, consideration for others and the sincere use of etiquette can make you stand out and give you the advantage you need to cultivate relationships that can help make your life goals a reality.

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Essential Etiquette 4 You teaches etiquette, good manners, and the social skills essential to personal and professional success. Through workshops and trainings these educational and fun interactive classes equip students with the important tools needed to have the “etiquette advantage” in various formal and informal social situations. Our comprehensive etiquette programs promote the principles of courtesy, respect, and self confidence that encourage children, teens, and young adults to value themselves and others.